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Always be professional!

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Clients will always remember how the entertainment they hired acted during their event. Did they act professionally, were they dressed well, and speak appropriately. There is always some unseen problem at an event, and how the entertainer handles it usually separates a pro from a novice. A pro will handle the issue without anyone realizing it occurred, while an inexperienced person will sometimes have the problem escalate. It can be anything as simple as a cord not working, and not having a back up to use to a guest who is a problem. Sometimes someone who has hired the entertainer can be over bearing, with phone calls and emails making you feel like they are worried because they can't control what you are doing, and can sometimes make you feel like it's your first gig ever. It goes without saying if the event is a huge success, and you are part of the reason there is a good chance you may be booked again or get a great referral from it. But if it doesn't go well you'll probably get a lot of negativity from it, and not good feedback. Sometimes you can control what happens around you at the gig, but sometimes handling adversity calm, and coolly will make for a much better outcome. I have found through experience that the most demanding clients will try to pay you the least, and

demand the most, and very seldom give you a tip when finished. But this is usually standard in a lot of businesses, so always give the client 100%, and leave on a high note.

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